About Me

Hello there! I am a recent grad living and working in Western Massachusetts. I earned my degree in Marketing from Indiana University and love the creative side of business. Outside of my job, my greatest passions are photography and travel. I’ve participated in three different study abroad programs and stepped foot in fifteen countries so far, and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon! I love portrait photography and capturing life’s moments. Something about how an individual’s personality shines through an image is just incredible.



Professional Headshots

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and is an essential part of anyone’s professional online presence! A LinkedIn isn’t complete without a profile image, and I’m here to help you get that killer headshot — and hopefully, get you just a step closer to the job of your dreams.


Graduation is an incredible time. It celebrates achievement and new beginnings, but also is a time to look back on four years of life-changing experiences. I love working with high school and college grads on photoshoots that reflect their personalities and what makes them unique.


With recruitment always just around the corner, sororities are always looking to create videos and photos to use to attract new members and get the word out about their chapters. Small shoots like these can help build up images to decorate chapter houses, post on social media, or to share with alumni!

Still Life

Every business needs photos of what they sell, and product photography is one of my favorite types of projects to work on. Still life shots allow us to showcase items in environments that really let them shine.

My Life

One Year with the Bullet Journal

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a planner. My mother still tells stories about third-grade me getting protective over my standard, school-distributed agenda, hating when teachers and assistants would mark up all my carefully laid-out tasks. Everything from pen colors, stickers, and post-its were carefully chosen for perfect organization. Over the years, …